你知道pvc卡—— pvc卡吗 ?通常银行卡的尺寸是 85.5*54*0.76 mm与该尺寸一样的卡我们成为国标卡,反之称为异形卡或者非标卡。

Do you know the pvc card - pvc card? Usually the size of the bank card is 85.5*54*0.76 mm. The card with the same size is the national standard card, otherwise it is called the special-shaped card or non-standard card.

那么什么是子母卡呢?子母卡又称连体卡,是异形卡的一种。是指一张大卡和一张小卡制作在一起。通常大卡是磁条卡,小卡为条码卡。主要用于超市和商场。两张卡的连接点有虚线 ,全是真空,可以很容易的掰开,最后成为两张独立的卡使用。尺寸通常是130*54*0.76mm.

So what is a child card? The daughter card is also called a conjoined card, which is a kind of special card. It means that a big card and a small card are made together. Usually the big card is a magnetic stripe card and the small card is a bar code card. Mainly used in supermarkets and shopping malls. The connection points of the two cards are dotted, all vacuum, can be easily opened, and finally become two separate cards. The size is usually 130*54*0.76mm.


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